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Our online hosting of shared school images is powered by SmugMug, a professional-grade photo storage and sharing site. Each classroom has its own set of galleries, as well as galleries for school-wide events such as the Parent Social and the annual Gala, and also for the hundreds of pictures of our major events taken by professional photographer Karen Nakamura.

Key features of the site include:

  • Photos download at their original (high) resolution. Click on a photo to select it and enable the download icon or “save photo” option; you cannot download from a thumbnail.
  • Prints and cards can be ordered directly from the site for delivery by mail.
  • The site is password-controlled to protect it from internet searches. Once you have entered the password (contact office for password), you have access to all the galleries. So if you have multiple children at Peninsula Montessori, you can easily access each child's classroom from the same site.

Everyone can upload photos to existing galleries* using the link provided within each gallery. If you need a new gallery, click the "Request a Gallery" link for your campus at the top of the site, to send an email to the Photo Gallery Administrator. Please remember to specify the classroom and a name for the gallery. Once the gallery is created, it will be ready for your uploads! There is also a link to email the site administrator with any other questions or issues.

For major upcoming events, galleries will be created in advance, so they will be ready for you to start sharing photos right away. These galleries will appear "empty" until photos have been uploaded to them.

Photos will be available for viewing and downloading until August 31 of each year, at which time they will be deleted in preparation for the next school year.

For questions, comments or to request a gallery, email [email protected].

Download these instructions.

*Note that Karen Nakamura's galleries are not enabled for uploading.