Montessori's Famous Faces & Connections

The Montessori Method boasts a world-class student body with achievement recognized all over the world.

Did You Know?...

Did you know the youngest Nobel Peace Prize nominee
is a Montessori graduate, the youngest Rhodes Scholar is a Montessori graduate, and the youngest artist to exhibit at the United Nations is a Montessori graduate?

Larry Page
Larry Page
Google Founder

Sergey Brin
Google Founder

Julia Child
Chef Author

Jeff Bezos
Amazon Founder

David Blaine

Sean Combs
Media Mogul
Rap Star

T. Berry Brazelton
Pediatrician and Author

Joshua Bell
Grammy Winner

Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Nobel Prize winner

Helen Hunt
Academy Award Winner

George Clooney

Jimmie Wales
Wikipedia Founder

Katherine Graham
Owner/Editor, Washington Post

Anne Frank


Each year, millions of parents make important decisions about their child's schooling. Many, like you, have opted for Montessori as the right path for their children's education.

Hillary Clinton
Secretary of State

David Robinson
NBA Star

Jennifer Granholm
Governor of Michigan

Yo Yo Ma
World Renowned Cellist

Yul Brynnar

Whether you are considering the Montessori Method as your child's practice of education or you have made the decision, you are in good company.

Check out this selection of accomplished Montessori graduates, and how their work is changing our world.